Film & Television Productions

Coproducer, "Cecilia", an original feature script for (and with) Irvin Kershner. To be directed by Irvin Kershner.

Originating coproducer. "Beckett Directs Beckett," a television production of the final theatrical texts of Waiting for Godot and Krapp's Last Tape. Directed by Walter Asmus upon the stage direction by, and with the authority of,

Samuel Beckett, for the Visual Press, Caméras Continentales, FR-3, La SEPT, SFP, WGBH, PBS, and Portuguese National Television. Partial production funding (25%) by NEH grant ($404,000). Winner of Blue ribbon, American Film & Video Festival.


(Costume repair between takes on "Beckett Directs Beckett" set)

beckett production image

Coproducer, Story Editor, "The Brecht Project" a feature/television project based on the life of Bert Brecht. Formerly under development by Caméras Continentales, Paris, the BBC, Nordisk Films, DR, WDR, and STV-1, Stockholm. First draft scripts by Jorge Semprun and Michael Hastings, and Klaus Pohl.

Coproducer & Story Editor, "The Dream of Progress" a four part international television series on the popular image of science since Jules Verne. With Athanase, SA, Paris, and Rosebud Productions, Brussels. Scripts pending.

Program Consultant, "Human Origins" a three part television series for

NOVA & the BBC. Hosted by Dr. Donald Johanson. Directed by Peter Jones, Mike Gumpton, and Leonora Johansen.

Program Consultant, "Proust", a television drama by

Allan Bennett for the BBC and Caméras Continentales, Paris. Directed by David Minton and Allan Bennett, with Alan Bates.

Program Consultant "Climate and Man," a multi-segment television series on the inter-relationship of world weather patterns and phenomena to various social, political and economic consequences of same. Produced by the Vision Group, London, and Caméras Continentales, Paris, for London Weekend.

Advisory Board, "The World of Chemistry," a 26 part Educational Series by the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, and outside producers. Funded at 2.8 million by The Annenberg/CPB Project.

Associate Producer, "Billy Two-Hats". A Norman Jewison production. Directed by Ted Kotcheff for United Artists. Starring Gregory peck, Jack Warden, Desi Arnaz, Jr. Screenplay by

Alan Sharp.

Developer, packager & coproducer, "The Hired Hand". Directed by Peter Fonda for Universal Pictures. Starring Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Verna Bloom. Screenplay by Alan Sharp.